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Norma 9mm Luger 65 gr - NXD - Self-Defense - 20 Round Box

Product Code : 810036150170


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Our newly launched 9mm NXD - or “Non-eXpanding Defensive” ammunition - features a 65 grain, injection-molded copper-polymer matrix projectile with a patent-pending fluted design to efficiently achieve unmatched terminal performance. This helps to produce a lighter recoil and faster more accurate follow-up shots.
The NXD’s extreme terminal performance on-target is achieved with the help of its proprietary fluted projectile design. This technology produces a devastating energy transfer by initiating a powerful hydrodynamic ram effect upon impact with soft tissue. This, coupled with what is known as the “Venturi effect” results in a predictable, powerful energy transfer every time.
Because of the unique technology utilized in the NXD design, it does not need to rely on the expansion and mushrooming that’s required to make a typical hollow point an effective defensive round.
Designed specifically as a personal defense cartridge, penetration is optimized within soft targets, eliminating concerns of overpenetration or collateral damage.


  • Proprietary fluted projectile design creates enhanced terminal performance
  • Injection molded copper/polymer matrix for a lightweight projectile with higher speeds and lower recoil
  • Excellent feeding based on the FMJ profile

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